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Lesley-4-newAnxiety, bereavement, conflict, depression, grief and self-discovery are only some of the reasons people seek counselling support.

I provide an environment of support, honesty and compassion and feel strongly about remaining connected and in tune with you throughout our sessions.

I’m a counsellor and psychotherapist based in Sydney and the Southern Highlands and I can help you unravel some of the confusion and uncertainty you may be experiencing.

The relationship between client and therapist is private and confidential and can be the link needed to view things differently in your life. This connecting relationship offers the opportunity and potential for personal growth and change to occur.

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Counselling based on life experience

As a cancer survivor, twice over, I know what it takes to rise to seemingly insurmountable challenges. Be it surgery, lengthy treatment protocols, continual hospital admissions, ongoing tests, facing mortality or any number of health related issues I know what it feels like to experience the anger, frustrations, fears associated with illness. I also know how to recognise optimism and build on the smallest pieces of positive information.

I’m passionate about my personal journey of self-discovery and continue my personal growth and development in order that I can authentically offer the support you need.

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A history of helping others

I’m no stranger to dealing with people and the raw edge of human emotion. Not only have I worked as a counsellor for a number of years and more recently as a psychotherapist, but my training as a nurse, midwife and early child health professional opened me to the frailties of the human condition from a very young age.

Lesley has worked with educational bodies and ‘not for profit’ organisations teaching the Enneagram.


Master of Gestalt Therapy

My orientation in therapy is Gestalt,  a form of psychotherapy that emphasises personal responsibility and focuses on the awareness of emotions and behaviours in the present.

Instead of interpreting experiences for you, we work together to find a way to move towards your individual growth and wellbeing.

Lesley McPherson is a Master in Gestalt Therapy and a Professional member of Gestalt Australia and New Zealand (GANZ).


Enneagram Personality Consultation

IEAPresentingThe enneagram is a nine-pointed symbol (star) enclosed in a circle which offers a framework for personality profiling. It is a useful guide for self-discovery, showing how we view the world from nine different perspectives. Find out more about the enneagram here.

In 2007 I began my enneagram journey studying the insight approach under the instruction of Don Riso & Russ Hudson, at The Enneagram Institute, New York – attending their Parts I, II, III and Psychic Structures modules.

Studying the Narrative Tradition of the Enneagram with Dr David Daniels & Peter O’Hanrahan, I successfully completed their Enneagram Professional Training Program (EPTP). I currently hold professional membership with the International Enneagram Association (IEA), which signifies a high standard of excellence in my enneagram work and commitment to the IEA’s code of ethics.

I strive to take an ongoing active role in the international enneagram community and this year will be presenting a workshop at the IEA Global Conference in San Francisco, USA.



Love of learning

Keeping up to date with my professional field is important to me. Constantly expanding my theoretical knowledge gives me a better perspective of who I am and what I can offer my clients.

I attend the GANZ conference every second year and am currently undertaking a two-year certification course in existential practice with the Centre for Existential Practice.

My therapeutic capacity is continually growing due to my work as an on-going student with Seekers After Truth (SAT), a sophisticated psycho-spiritual development training program developed by humanistic psychology pioneer Dr Claudio Naranjo.

I have also gained certification with Integral Coaching Canada, widely considered the most advanced application of Integral Theory in existence, taught by leading theoretical psychologist, Ken Wilber.

Need counselling or a Gestalt therapist to talk to?

If you are too ill to come to my office, I may be able to visit you at your home or hospital if needed.

Read what others have to say about Lesley McPherson

“Lesley is one of the most aware, authentic and compassionate people I know. Her quick mind and years of study ensures she is at the top of best international clinical practice and this is coupled with an extraordinary wealth of life experiences.


She has a preparedness to be open to anyone and everything. Her searching questions ensure we focus on what needs to be done, and added to that, a contagious laugh and wonderful sense of the ridiculous.   What Lesley McPherson brings to her clients and professional colleagues is none other than creative magic!”


Hilary Langford
Oliver & Langford Organisational Consultants

“I get up every morning determined to change the world for the better while having a really good time.
This regularly complicates the planning of my day – – – – – and I don’t let it stop me from trying again each day.”

– Unknown

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