Attending to Difference in Couples Therapy

DIFFERENCE How couples deal with their differences is generally the gateway issue to what the issues are. Engaging with difference means equal rights are being offered to each individual within the couple. Remember, difference is the way of the world these days. Yet,...

Breast Cancer Support Group

It's been some time since I posted anything but here's a start. Our flyer and reminder that the Southern Highlands Breast Cancer Support Group still meets. Fourth Wednesday of every month. 10 am - 12 noon in the coffee lounge area of the Mittagong RSL, Bessemer...

Control – are we in or are we out?

Some folk absolutely relish, and may even seek out, situations which may look like upheaval and disarray to others. From an outsiders perspective it may look like they, or their lives, are totally out of control. This apparent seeking out for something other than what...


Recently I spent a week at the Quest for Life Centre at Bundanoon. I attended their ‘Healing your Life’ retreat as a participant and as a prospective program counsellor. The founder of Quest For Life, Petrea King, suggests prospective employees, no matter what their...

Southern Highlands Breast Cancer Support Group

ANNOUNCEMENT It's taken a few months to pull this together but tomorrow is the first meeting of what I hope will be the start of a strong network of people supporting each other through, and beyond, their breast cancer journey.  GROUP This is a non-gender specific...


This small act of kindness and gentleness to ourselves can offer us new ways to view ourselves, the situations which challenge us and potentially begin to transform the way we cope in future.


Someone recently asked me what I had learned from an intensive course I attended. The first thought that came into my head was the word ‘assumptions’.


The fact that we want change means there is a glimmer of recognition, somewhere inside us, that something in our life isn't working anymore. We may not know what that 'something' is or we may be very clear about what needs changing. It can be anything from work,...

Anxiety: how to turn your life around

My past is far from squeaky clean. In fact I’m amazed that I managed to survive some of the things I’ve done and the lifestyle choices I’ve made. I grew up wild, with a driving force inside me to not automatically accept everything I was told.

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