Moving through grief is something we will all experience in our lives, whether it is the loss of a loved one, a beloved pet, a job, or even a home we loved.

Moving Through Grief In Unlikely Situations

Grief can bring a roller-coaster of emotions and can be felt in a range of scenarios, not just the passing of loved ones.

“It can appear after relationship break-ups, a job loss or having to sell a much-loved home.

American-Swiss psychiatrist Elisabeth Kubler-Ross first highlighted 5 stages of grief in the 1960s. Since then, her approach has been extended to seven steps, with difference sources having different variations of what these stages may be. Not everyone experiences grief in the same way but these stages can be useful in identifying some of the emotions you may experience, whatever the situation.

It’s important to remember as you are moving through grief, that it isn’t linear. Some days it feels softer, with accompanying acceptance. Others, it hits like a wild storm, as raw as the day of the significant event. There is no timeline for moving through it and it’s common to move back and forth between the phases

In this story for HCF Magazine, I discuss the Seven Stages of Grief, what you may expect from them and offer advice to help you navigate them.

Get In Touch

If you are moving through grief and feel stuck at all, or you are unable to cope and turning to things like alcohol or other substances in a effort to cope, please get it touch. I can help you and offer the support that you need.

Lesley McPherson.




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