Relationships and cancer. Seeing these two words side by side can immediately cause a visceral reaction. It can flood us with fear and anxiety. We often wonder how our many and varied relationships will fare in the face of a cancer diagnosis, and it is normal to do so. This includes with friends, partners and lovers, parents and children and/or even work colleagues, The good news? They can fare extremely well and, if handled carefully, can actually flourish.

Relationships and Cancer – You Can Survive and Thrive.

As a two times cancer survivor, I know first-hand that there are tough times ahead for anyone with any form of cancer diagnosis. But I also know that your relationships – just like you – can survive and indeed thrive. Yes, there will be times of challenge and conflict. But there are also many ways to work through conflict and enjoy a deeper connection once you do work through it.

I recently spoke with the CEO and founder of Pink Hope, Krystal Barter, about this very topic, and I offered advice on how to navigate this sometimes unstable terrain. You can read the interview here.

Please do feel free to reach out if you are experiencing this situation and feeling lost. I am available via SKYPE or ZOOM during the current COVID-19 restrictions and I am happy to help where I can.

I offer couples counselling amongst many other forms of counselling and support. When we are not in COVID-19 lockdown, I host a monthly Breast Cancer Support Group at the Mittagong RSL Club. This is open to anyone who has been diagnosed, is going through treatment or is a breast cancer survivor. We also welcome family members and friends who wish to better understand their journey, because they frequently need support, too.

Again, please get in touch for more information.

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