Enneagram Type Four individuals are sensitive and introspective. They are also quirky, self-aware and reserved. They are often creative and may stand out due to their unique way of dressing and presenting themselves. Offbeat and endearing, they have a strong sense of identity but may struggle to connect with others.

What is an Enneagram Type Four?

Enneagram Type Four people have a sense of being special and different to other people. They strive for authenticity and have a strong drive to discover and understand who they truly are. Creativity is key to an Enneagram Type Four. They often produce unique and original work and aren’t overly concerned by the expectations of others, or conforming to society in general.

Type Four Strengths

Fours have the ability to connect deeply with their own emotions. They display empathy and are typically sensitive to the feelings of others. They are pretty self-aware when it comes to their own shortcomings and are imaginative and deep-thinking.

Type Four weaknesses

Type Fours can be moody and self-conscious. They may withhold themselves from others due to feeling different and vulnerable. Type Fours may also feel somewhat disdainful and exempt from, or above ‘ordinary’ lifestyles. They also can be prone to melancholy, self-indulgence and self-pity.

An overview of Enneagram Type Four

Fours generally see themselves as being fundamentally different from other people. They often see themselves as being uniquely talented, possessing special gifts. More than any other Enneagram Type, they are highly aware of and focused on their personal differences and deficiencies. Enneagram Type Four individuals strive to be gentle and compassionate towards others. They are highly creative and artistic, and have the ability to transform their experiences – positive and negative – into something valuable.

Sensitive Fours feel they are very different to others, and consequently, may believe that no one else can truly love or understand them. They may be moody, depressed or fragile. They have a tendency to overthink things and may even lose their sense of reality and utilise unhealthy coping mechanisms such as alcohol, food, other substances or behaviours. They can feel misunderstood by others, think that there’s something inherently wrong with them and may even isolate themselves from the world.

Staying productive can help Fours avoid the trap of overthinking or over-analysing their feelings. Making a commitment to healthy, positive lifestyle habits can help Fours stay on track.  This includes getting adequate sleep, avoiding excessive alcohol or drug use, forging meaningful connections with others and living life, rather than dreaming about it. Spending time in the real world rather than always being ‘in their own heads’ is vital too.

Famous Type Fours


According to The Enneagram Institute, high profile Type Four people include Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Edgar Allen Poe, Virginia Woolf, Anne Frank, Tennessee Williams, J.D. Salinger, Anne Rice, Frida Kahlo, Diane Arbus, Martha Graham, Rudolf Nureyev, Hank Williams, Billie Holiday, Judy Garland, Maria Callas, Miles Davis, Keith Jarrett, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Cher, Stevie Nicks, Annie Lennox, Prince, Sarah McLachlan, Amy Winehouse, Ingmar Bergman, Marlon Brando, Kate Winslet, Nicolas Cage and Johnny Depp.

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