Enneagram Type Twos are kind, warm-hearted and sincere. They are friendly and generous, and will often put others’ needs before their own. They value relationships highly and have a need to be liked and appreciated.

What is an Enneagram Type Two?

Type Twos strive to make the world a better place through their generosity and loving actions towards others. They love to offer support and attention to those around them. While they are well-meaning, they may do things for other people in order to feel loved and appreciated.

Enneagram Type Two Strengths

Twos have a very warm, likeable nature and generally find it easy to connect with other people. They anticipate the needs of others and place a lot of emphasis on personal and professional relationships. They have a strong sense of empathy and love to support others.

Type Two Weaknesses

Enneagram Type Two’s desire to be needed and appreciated means that they may become angry or upset if they feel their efforts are ignored or unacknowledged. They can also tend to get over-involved in other peoples’ lives. They may manipulate others to fulfil their own emotional needs.

An Overview Of Enneagram Type Two

Twos have a deep desire to do good in the world and help others. They value love, family and friends, closeness and sharing. Other people are naturally drawn to their warm, loving nature. Enneagram Type Twos have a natural talent for making others feel appreciated, supported, and nurtured. They can uplift others’ spirits and help them see the good in themselves.

On the flip side, Twos may sacrifice their own needs for others to the point that they become angry and resentful. Being ‘helpful’ all the time may mask deeper motivations. They may also spread themselves too thin when attending to the needs of different people in their lives. Being so focused on others means they can often neglect their own needs.

To experience growth, Twos can benefit from attending to their own needs first. It is akin to how aircraft passengers should put their oxygen mask on before helping others. It may also be helpful to question their motivations when assisting people and to ask people what they really need before offering help. It’s crucial for Twos to acknowledge that other people may show love and appreciation in a different way to them.

Famous Type Twos

According to The Enneagram Institute, some famous Type Twos include Guru Ammaji (“The Hugging Saint”), Byron Katie, Bishop Desmond Tutu, Eleanor Roosevelt, Luciano Pavarotti, John Denver, Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonder, Bobby McFerrin, Priscilla Presley, Elizabeth Taylor, Juliette Binoche, Arsenio Hall.

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